Class Schedules & Descriptions

UDC Dance Schedule!!

Ages 3 and 4
Hip Hop Friday 10am-10:45am S.C.
Hip Hop Saturday 10:15-11am S.C.

Ages 7-9
Hip Hop Wednesday 4:15-5:15pm K.S.
Boys Hip Hop Thursday 4-5pm R.K.
Jazz and Hip Hop Thursday 4-5pm K.S.

Early Performers
(Early Performers, must take 1 additional class per week)
Monday 4-5pm S.C.

Juniors Ages 10-13
Guys JR Hip Hop 2/3 Tuesday 4-5:15pm S.P.
JR Hip Hop 1 Tuesday 4-5:15pm S.C.
JR Hip Hop 2/3 Wednesday 5:15-6:30pm R.K.
JR Hip Hop 4/5 Wednesday 4-5:15pm S.C.
JR Jazz Friday 4-5:15pm K.S.
Beginner Ballet Friday 5:15-6:30pm K.S.

(Pre-Company, must take 2 additional classes per week) Thursday 5-6:15pm

High School and Older
Hip Hop 4/5 Monday 7-8:15pm F.A. *starts 1/6
Hip Hop 3 Tuesday 5:15-6:30pm S.C.
Jazz Funk Fusion Tuesday 6:30-7:45pm L.D.
Hip Hop 4 Wednesday 4-5:15pm J.A.
Hip Hop 2 Wednesday 5:15-6:30pm J.A.
Hip Hop 5 Wednesday 5:15-6:30pm S.C.
Contemporary Thursday 4-5:15pm S.C.
Lyrical Thursday 5:15-6:30pm K.S.
Hip Hop 2/3 Thursday 6:15-7:30pm R.K.
Street Tap For Dancers Thursday 6:30-7:45pm J.R.
Advanced Ballet Saturday 10:15-11:30am K.S.
Leaps and Turns Saturday 11:30am-12:30 K.S.

Senior Company
(Senior Company, must take 3 additional classes per week)
Wednesday 6:30-7:45pm J.A.

Pre-Professional Company
(Pre-Professional Company, must take 4 additional classes per week)
Monday 5:15-6:30pm S.C.

Adult Only
Adult Hip Hop 2 Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm S.C.
Street Tap For Adults Thursday 7:45-8:45pm J.R.

1st and 3rd Wednesday to Wednesday Adult Hip Hop 2

UDC  Fitness Schedule!

5:30pm RahBarre A.C.
5:45pm RIPPED B.D.

5:30pm Hip Hop Punch and Tone T.S.

11:45am Hip Hop Punch and Tone S.C.
6:30pm RIPPED B.W.

5:30pm Hip Hop Punch and Tone S.C.
6:30pm RahBarre S.C.

5:30pm Zumba A.H.
6:45pm Latin Dance A.H.

9:15am RahBarre S.C.
10:15am RIPPED N.D.

9am Hip Hop Punch and Tone T.S.
10am Zumba J.L.


S.C. Sarah Cover
R.K. Rick Kinsman
K.S. Kate Stevens
J.A. Jessica Ashton
F.A. Flynn Aldrich
L.D. Lindsay D'Amico
E.D. Emily Dykes
J.R. Jen Ruest
T.S. Tess Spofford
A.C. Andrea Cote
B.W. Blair Wolverton
B.D. Bret Dewhurst
J.L. Jillian Leclerc
N.D. Nakeeya Deas

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Class Descriptions

Hip Hop: All of our hip hop classes are taught by the most experienced hip hop teachers in the state. Each class will differ depending on the style of the individual teacher. Every instructor takes several master classes a year from the best hip hop teachers in the business, keeping their information fresh and their skills as current as possible.


  • Hip Hop 2: 1 year experience
  • Hip Hop 2/3: 2 to 3 years experience
  • Hip Hop 3: 3 years experience
  • Hip Hop 3/4: 3 to 4 years experience
  • Hip Hop 4: 4 years experience
  • Hip Hop 4/5: 5 plus years experience and must get teacher approval in advance.
  • Kids: ages 7-9
  • Junior: ages 10- 14 (numerical levels apply the same)
  • Guys Hip Hip: 2 years experience and over 11 years old.

Jazz Funk: Jazz Funk is an extension of hip hop adding smoother lines and more jazz like technique. (numerical levels apply the same)

Jazz Funk Fusion: This style blends contemporary, jazz, and jazz funk styles to create a funk style to numerous types of music.

Freestyle: This class works on techniques to use in a freestyle battle or audition process where a dancer has to work alone and exhibit knowledge of beats, lyrics and patterns in music through personal performance.

Contemporary: a blend of modern, lyrical and some jazz funk moves to alternative music.

Pre-Company: UDC Touring company achieved through audition process for grades 5-7.

JR Company: UDC Touring company achieved through audition process for grades 7-9.

SR Company: UDC Touring company achieved through audition process for grades 9-12.

Elite: UDC Touring company achieved through audition process for the top audition score for grades 8-12.

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